Mini Bio

Willpower LifeForce is a MultiVersal Being.
He lives by his mantra ‘ PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT’.
In our heart we find love. Love is what is missing in the world.
His music is inspired by experiencing a life of disconnection with ways of the West.

Observing the World being destroyed by indoctrination, pollution and much more, he expresses what he sees and understands in order to amplify the awareness of our Sovereign Power as Infinite Spirits living in a human body now in this time. He is inspired by animals, nature, and the biodiversity which is the source of all that is on this planet. Seeing the destruction created by an industrialized monetary system makes his head rise high in the pursuit to awaken to higher levels of being. Levels where we no longer judge each other but love each other, starting with self-love. It may seem like an impossible journey, but in the realm of Infinite Potentiality, there are no limits except for the ones we set.

He is a Creator of Worlds.

Our environment affects every thought and cell in our body. Every thought triggers emotions and affects our perceived reality and creation of it.
Self-Empowerement is where it’s at.
Welcome to the journey called life.
Despite the current Enslaving Economic system, don’t forget to have fun.
Let’s keep counting our blessings.

We are amazing beyond imagination.
Love Infinite.
Cosmic Electro Rhythmik HipHop